To be a common home of encounter for the communities of mutual learning and accompaniment that, rooted in a liberating faith, work for abundant life and peace with justice.


Promote in persons and in the communities the development of pastoral actions that are innovative and transformative in their contexts, in order to build a more just world.


Out of our theological vision, we affirm the following faith commitments as our essential values:

  • We will read the Bible contextually, with the purpose of creating a favorable atmosphere for life and justice in all human relationships and in relationships with creation.
  • We will promote life in abundance for all in our theological interpretations and our actions. Our commitment to life leads us to reject and denounce all forms of violence. It also moves us to care for and to celebrate the diversity of God’s creation.
  • We affirm that women and men are created in the image and likeness of God. This leads us to analyze our social reality from the perspective of gender and to promote equitable relationships between women and men.
  • We will build spaces for encounter and exchange between people from different Christian traditions and from different places and cultures. We will also cultivate a spirit of dialogue and collaboration with those who hold other religious visions.
  • We will embrace interculturalism as a vision of peaceful coexistence between people and communities of different cultures and worldviews.
  • We will administer the different resources available for our work in an efficient, transparent and just manner.
  • With compassion and solidarity, we will accompany people, churches and communities in their struggles for a life of dignity.