From its inception, CEDEPCA has been committed to having an impact on women in Central America and Mexico by offering educational, biblical and theological experiences grounded in feminist perspectives.

Faith-based activities emphasize developing equal relationships in women’s daily lives and are designed to empower women to understand and assume their  personal and legal rights, to take leadership roles in their churches and communities, and to continue or begin their formal education. The Women’s Ministry works with women in the church, community and church leaders, and expectant mothers at the Casa Materna Anne Sayre in Cahabón.

To form critical thinking amongst diverse women, who empowered, can contribute to the deconstruction of cultural, material, and simbolical structure of androcentricity and the construction of equity and equality in their environments.

Women, Bible and Society

Goal: Rereading the Bible from a female perspective to reconstruct the affirmation of humanity and dignity in search of a more just society.

Self Esteem and Women’s Rights

Goal: To help each person to improove personal relationships and to recognise her own attitudes and reactions towards specific situatons in life. To help each woman that suffers from whatever form of violence to recognize her own needs and to reaffirm her value.

Women and Citizenship

Goal: To reflect on the meaning of being a woman, what it means to be a person and what kind of women we want to be. We study the Word of God to understand what He expects from us as women and to find our place in the struggle for life.

Culture of Peace-Healing Trauma

Goal: To help people find different ways to manage conflict without exercising violence.. The transforming power is available to change what could be a violent and destructive situation into a non-violent situation. Within the group we develop a sense of community based on respect and a model of non-violence as a way of life working on skills of communication, cooperation and conflict resolution.

Broken Promises

(2-day course for churches)

Goal: to educate congregations about the dynamics of domestic violence. To motivate congregations to recognise violence and to fight against it.

International Women’s Day

8th of March

We will conmemorate the struggle of the women for participation at an equal level as men in society and their personal development.

International Day of Prayer

the first Friday of March

We belong to a global movement in unity with women from 170 different different countries

Goal: Informing to pray, praying to act

We will pray to intercede for the women of Cuba and their situation as women. Text: Jesus said:”And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me.


International Day of Erradicating Violence Against Women

25th of November

The day was elected by the United Nations in conmemoration of the brutal assessination of the three Mirabal sisters who were political activists in 1960.

Our Women's Ministry team

Pamela Liquez
Pamela Liquez
Program Coordinator Women´s Ministry
Betty Carrera
Betty Carrera
Adviser for Guatemala
Ana Silvia Gómez
Ana Silvia Gómez
Coordinator for El Salvador
Carmen Rendón
Carmen Rendón
Coordinator for Mexico
Rebeca Cascante
Rebeca Cascante
Coordinator for Costa Rica
Nora Montenegro
Nora Montenegro
Coordinator for Nicaragua