Intercultural Encounters is a program that designs and facilitates experiences of encounter, reflection, dialogue, and mutual service between people of the United States and Canada with Central American communities in search of a more just, tolerant and equitable world.

We host three types of groups:

  • Immersion Seminars:

Groups come for an intensive study on a certain topic such as migration, environment, religion and spirituality, or gender. During the time in Central America, the participants have the opportunity to talk with local specialists who provide serious and up-to-date information to the group about the local context. This way the groups have a framework to facilitate their discussions and reflections.


  • Immersion-Work Groups:

Groups can combine a time of study of a certain topic with a work experience where they participate in mutual learning and interaction with Central American people and groups.


  • Partnership Strengthening Visits:

For groups that have established partnership and solidarity relationships with local groups and/or churches, and are interested in learning about the realities in which their partners live day to day.


If you want to see and experience God at work, visit CEDEPCA!

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The following resources are available for groups that have already planned their trip with CEDEPCA.



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CEDEPCA and the Intercultural Encounters Program thank you for the trust you place in us when you ask us to facilitate your immersion seminars to Guatemala. We strive to provide a safe, educational and challenging experience for each group that joins us together in the search for a better world.

Groups of 7-11 participants:         $150 per person per day

Groups of 12 or more participants:         $140 per person per day

What this covers

Pre-arrival coordination, accommodations, all meals, ground transportation, facilitation/interpretation throughout the trip, park and museum fees, fees for groups and individuals we visit during the stay.

What this does not include

Airfare costs, personal shopping or work project money. The onetime money wiring cost.

Refund Policy:

If, for serious and justifiable reasons beyond the control of CEDEPCA and/or the group, the entire group is unable to make the trip, CEDEPCA will refund 90% of the total payment and retain only 10% to cover administrative and planning expenses.

In the case of the individuals who for justifiable reasons cancel their trip at least 7 days before the planned date of arrival, CEDEPCA will refund 50% of the total payment and retain 50% to cover administrative and planning expenses.

CEDEPCA does not assume any responsibility to refund any percentage of the total payment to individuals who do not notify the cancelation of his/her trip at least 7 days before the planned date of arrival.

Onetime Payment!

We ask that you use the wiring instructions below to send a onetime wire transfer of the total amount three weeks before your group arrives.

***PLEASE NOTE:  This wire will incur a onetime wiring cost that will be your group’s responsibility.  Please check with your bank as this wiring cost is different depending on the bank ($30 – $75) to plan accordingly***


Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. You may use the form on this page or send an e-mail to Nancy Carrera ( We look forward to seeing you in Guatemala!

Our Intercultural Encounters team

Nancy Carrera
Nancy Carrera
Program Coordinator
Esvin Sirin
Esvin Sirin
Assistant and Group Facilitator
Rebeca Noriega
Rebeca Noriega